Seventy Years Of Love

Seventy Years Of Love 

Waves collide as laughter echoes through the cold air. Two, walk the shore line as kisses are exchanged in the collection of love. A melody erupts within their hearts, a melody so strong, a thousands symphonies could not match it. 

The stars dance along, shining bright in this moment. Hands held together, creating a single point of strength. As bare feet press gently into the sand, leaving behind memories. Washed away the sand becomes barren of any indentations. 

But they walk on, with no time to look back. As the night takes them to far away places. Diving deep into eyes, finding the wonders of the soul. Feeling the cool ocean caress their feet. It is perfection in now, everything fits. They sit at the shore as they gaze upon the moon. Swooning in this moment with nothing else upon their minds but eachother. 

They turn with romance and embrace. The waves crash upon their bodies, rushing away with just enough force to make them feel as if to be pulled back. Love binds them, this moment binds them. Piano strokes find themselves within their hearts. 

They take up stance, pressing their bodies close and begin to dance. They waltz along the shore and look to nothing else but each other. Memories play in a reel as they smile with no regrets of the steps they have taken in each other. 

Adventure was once their life, great heights of joy. But now they are two fallen leaves from a tree. Slowly following the wind as it pushes them. Seventy years and not a moment less. Each year better than the next. Though much frustration found itself in the cracks of love. 

But no great thing is held by feeble hands, nor built overnight.
Thank you for reading, I hope love finds you as it found these two. 

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