Our Relevance To Particles

Our Relevance To Particles

No relevance is thee to the particles that float among us to create what we be. Our spirits are far designed to live among this futile air. This breathless nuisance of life, we are no more alive today, than yesterday.

For our visitation upon this earth in our physical presence is stemmed the moment we wake. We are but flowers blooming in a long summer. Each our own winter, but forever shall we slumber. But maybe more lies beyond this veil we see. Thus we must be willing to act accordingly, for judgment may lay upon our crowns.

None be perfection, but thrusting to the idea, accepting the imperfections is the utmost one can be.
Lending hands to teach, to grow, to help, never to hold bitterness longer than the moment. Being no burden to self, though our real wishes this. Being no false prophet, telling only the facts of truth, living only what thee truly believes at the deepest crests of the horizon.

Spilling no venom among the breaches of waves, for we all share the same ocean. Walking blindly as if the butterfly does not effect the lion. Each step leading toward a new reaction, treding carefully is a must, but with courageous action.

 Thus we are as effected by the fly as we are the spider. Our fingers quickly lining our life's with each passing moment. Pressing the ink of our thoughts many times too quickly to the pages of our minds. Assuming we are but invincible or have no meaning in the after.

A fool plays to the whims of the wind, while thee creates ways to fly. Our spirit is never touching the open, the environment, for too much poison seasons the paths of this atmosphere. And though thee may be no more now than after the curtains close.

It is in the living of the present, the future, you finding meaning in these atoms that speak no further than flesh.
Thank you for reading, what are your thoughts behind what this means for you?

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