Escape The Masses

Escape The Masses 

Escape the masses, reverberate your soul. Impale the sheep that you once were, hang its head from the spear of your triumph. Show the world you no longer bear the armor of wool. But now, bear the teeth of a wolf, the heart of a lion, and the fortitude of a hero.

No more idle breaths, you now raise yourself from the depths of your living grave. No longer will you walk with your head turned to the ground. You now walk freely from the herd, your shadow no longer haunts. You have sheered the weakness from you and now carry courage.

Be valiant  in your efforts. Be not a berserker in your actions, frothing at the mouth with rash thought. But be as if a Valkyrie, wings spread, blade drawn, and heart pure in the battle to protect. To fight that which wishes to bring harm.

Do not hush the beating of your heart, let it reign on your lands like the call of the horn. Bury the old and grow the new. Find yourself cleansed of the bitterness that tainted your blood. Let yourself flow with the rhythm of your dreams.

Conquer the temptations of sloth, like that of Joanna Arc, righteous for your faith in self. Though you may be cast from the masses and frowned upon. Though you may hang from the steeples of the crowded streets.

You will have fought for yourself, you will have lived. Your eyes will have seen the miracles of life. The grace that was given to you. You will have tasted victory with each new level you rose to. You will have defeated demons that others frayed from.

You will have lived a million life times in one, while all others fail to have lived once.

No fear kept you from you. Your words will be heard for generations to come. You will be carved in the hearts of many, carved in the pages of time and read, by young hearts and old.

No regrets will sweep you from your success. Failure will be no fear, you will not be timid no more to its hand. You will be brave, you will take its hand and learn from it. You will follow its lines and read what lessons they have.

You will speak of your failures as if they were your children. You will pass on your gifts with no intent for what you will receive. You are no longer part of what the dreary follow, what the lame seek, nor what the sheep eat.

You are what few are willing to be. You are a defender of your ambition, of your imagination. You are an inspiration to the hopeless and a creator of hope.

You, are now you.
Thank you for reading, hope this lifted your spirits! :) What things are keeping you from you, let me know in the comments below! 

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