A Love I Plead To Be Free Of

A Love I Plead To Be Free Of

There is no room for you anymore. These memories I wish no longer to store, I am sick of being dragged as if I am a corpse. A dead man for your pleasure to horde. To only speak to me when you are bored. I no longer wish to be a part of your dreadful story, let me soar. Let me find the better part of me though it may cut to my core.

We are but a endless tragedy, a massacre, a war. Let me morn no more what we could not have. Your lips tainted, left me sore. Your heart became mine, though you never opened the door. And I waited with much patience as I tried to restore, acting to be a savior.

But nothing could be done, you wore armor, and I had no encore. I could take no more, finding myself in a drugstore. Buying cheap spirits to leave me feeling no more. I deplore, let me be, let me roar, still you cling to me.

Our memories I want no more. You linger at the back of my mind, you gnaw, I bleed, I scream, but cannot get free. Chains I have given you, you placed them upon me, I wear them well, and I am the key. But I see, these memories and sorrowfully, they give me glee. But emotional acne is what became me. Hiding in the shadows for I wish no one to see.

So here I plead that this will no longer be. I wish to see clearly, three hundred and sixty degrees, These pins and needles that haunt me, cutting me deeply. These fading memories, dizzy, drowsy, pulling my soul unsurely. My heart drafty, I fill of envy, wishing to love fairly. But I am in a frenzy of the pointless flirty.

Skirting for something but fear consume me deathly. My lips frothy of misery, I am frosty, frozen in greedy waves of agony. Harshly I speak of myself lately, all because these memories keeping dreaming. 
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