A Chasm Of A Heart

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A Man's Traveled

A Chasm Of A Heart

The chasm of the heart runs deep, deep in a broken soul. It hollows the veins of the heart like the halls of an abandoned cathedral. The wind whispers where blood once flowed, it whispers with a doleful voice. Carrying what blood is left like the fallen flakes of flesh to a passing breeze.

It beats with no reason but to keep one living. It feels with anger, with sadness, drowning hope in tears. Suffocating what breath of life is left inside. Its coldness creates a bitter tone, it carries  a distasteful flavor upon the beating of the heart. It gives no solace in the emptiness it bears.

This chasm is a mournful place. It poisons the soul with each day it grows. Voiding all life that clings to the walls of the heart. As ones soul pleads for forgiveness in self. Delicate becomes the heart, becomes the soul. Bruised in ego and spirit, shrinking like a puddle to a rising sun. Feeling no warmth in the day.

Becoming but condensation upon ones own existence. Watching with woeful eyes as they feel the chasm consume them with each breath. As if their body is no longer theirs to nourish. Leaving them to the agony they hold too, strangely, waiting for others to feel the same.

A broken soul finds no beauty, even in the deepest oceans. Fear wraps its arms around them. Absorbing all confidence, feeding itself as it fear is what the soul is now. Selfish becomes one in the surrendering of self.

Crying out for help, but feebly attempting to fight back. They walk among themselves as if lost forever. As if Hell's vacant eyes have drawn them to the black flames of the damned. The chasm speaks with hush notes of things one believes they need. Seeking the pleasure to watch them shatter.

The chasm of a broken heart, drags one to the purgatory of self.
Thank you for reading, hopefully it drew some something thought from your soul. 
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