This Emerald Glow Has An Empty Soul

This Emerald Glow Has An Empty Soul 

I look in the mirror and no longer do I see the eyes of emerald glow. I see, a shriveled mass of flesh and bone. Pathetically portraying what I once was. Now, all that lays before me is a desolate shell, a hollow canvass that echoes like the ocean.

But I amass no creatures within, no creations to be found. I have withered in my possession of self. I have become complacent in my doings and derailed myself from action. I have crashed upon an empty shore, only to stare in desperation that a wind will carry me home.

But I am no fool, I know no wind will carry my feet or will lift my wings. I have consciously forsaken my path in pursuit of ill pastime. I am far from the words I speak, I have skipped the beats of my heart. And now listen to the dull voices in my head.

Sloth, has overcome my willingness to be. I have ruptured the beautiful landscape that was before me. And I have left it, in a pollution of stagnate thought.  These fingers that once pressed passionately upon paper. Now, only strangle the ink from pen, pressing with great besiege. No longer composing letters of meaning, creating a symphony for the soul. But creating tasteless, bland, and our right disgraceful words.

Words that sour the palette and leave one in disgust upon their own lips. I have carved out my well-being, and have left it to the crowded streets for others to deliberately bash it corpse. What little faith I have now in these dry eyes.

I sit with idle intent as I become but a walking carcass. An afflicted bag of forlorn thought. Pricking at each as if I will puncture what lays beneath it all like a blister. To press the puss and drain me of the pitiful hand I hold.

But I know it is not in the cutting of thoughts I will be renewed. But in the planting of patience and dedication to keep the words flowing. Though they be nothing more than deplorable lines, that vomit from an addicts gut would be more suitable to be read. 

I look in the mirror, and I see a distant emerald glow, flickering in an a lost empty soul. 

When have you felt like you have lost all your passion?

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