Listen To Your Heart, Or Forever Be Broken

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Listen To Your Heart, Or Forever Be Broken

   Have you not listened to the whispering of your heart? The ever so graceful voice of your soul. If you have not, I beg of you to listen. To close your eyes in the harmony of each beat that resonates beneath the cage of your chest.

For this tiny voice, this ever so rhythmic tone. Misses no moment to speak, no moment to be. It speaks with exquisite lines, with thoughts that bring courage, fortitude, and spiritual wit. It wishes for only a single chance to change everything. To bring flowing waters to the empty canals of your heart, of your flesh.

It pulls at your gut with much vigor, in hopes you will sit and listen. But too often do we listen to what we know. The easy, the predictable, the stable, though these may bring no wealth. No wealth of heart, soul, flesh, or of the mind. 

But from my words, my hopeful tenacity. I pray you will no longer mask your heart as if it is but a nuisance upon your breath. That you will embrace the unknown it speaks and become comforted by its wishes, its voice. For much wisdom lies within in us all, it lives beyond that which we are capable of knowing, of explaining.

But that is the fascination behind it, not knowing. Too often we search and blindly pass the answer. And it is but our fault we miss the key. For many doors are never meant to be found, or are left for another time. For in the unknown all can be accomplished. For what you see now, in front of you. At one time was but a thought, but an unknown creation.

But in the courage of bearing with the voice of your heart, and pulling it from your gut. Your were able to make the unknown a reality. Whether it be but a simple smile to a stranger or finding the force to overpower your fear. Even if the authority over your fear was only for a brief moment. For with each brick, a new piece of a home is built   

So, in the closing of my thoughts, my hope for you. I plead that you open the ribs to your heart. To reach in with your soul and pull it from the sinking drabness of thoughtless overcast. Become the wings your heart has longed for, for all these years. Be not the somber sheep that follows the heard, in hopes they will not be the victim to the wolf.

For I know, within you. lies a potent soul, dynamic in abilities of growth and architecture. Become the rhythm your heart has played all these years, for you to breathe in life.

Thank you for reading, have you ignored your heart for too long? 

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