An Average Man, For The Extraordinary

An Average Man, For The Extraordinary 

An average man striving for an extraordinary life. 

All he wants is to leave behind the mundane struggles one has in the pains of life. To not have to look over his shoulder from the stresses of bills. Never having to worry if his transportation will get him to his destination. Never having to listen to the sounds of his engine as if death could be bearing down upon it. 

The simplistic troubles of life add to a heavy burden. Turning one from a smile, to a drudging frown through the thickets of hell. This man, is only looking to be extraordinary in his mind, to find himself becoming to his world. To be free of the ill thoughts of struggle. Feeling taut between the choice to push further, or fall to that which presses back. 

Falling back to the ways of forgetting all things great. To consume the spirits of man and drink silly, till all burdens seem lost. Thinking this though, is not what he wants. He wants to be a healer to those around him. To show that though one may have very little and have no profound success. One can still lead a great life and one can still give more than is needed. 

An average man, looking to live a free life. But always, it seems life teases him with a step of freedom. Only to take it away. Granting new things to lift his life just a bit. To alleviate a small burden that has grown to be a mound upon his soul. Only to stretch it like a rubber band and watch it snap. 

Falling to the tortures of this broken broken freedom. Knowing that nothing can bring it back. Feeling nothing but the exhaustion that life brings. Wondering, if he is but a joke at the hands of life, that it has planted him in a rotted gardening. 

Allowing him to grow only so much, to end up drawing back to the soils like a seed. He is just an average man praying to find more than the rushing of the day.  To find more than the worries of a simple man and the aches that soul bears upon it like wounds. 

Too often does this man find himself burdened to the waves of life. Choking on the salted shores, and screaming from wounds filtered in misery. 

Thank you for reading, what struggles keep popping up in your life? 

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