A Cheater To The Cheated

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A Man's Traveled Heart
A Cheater To The Cheated  

This was not supposed be, you were not meant to cry. My greed to boast my status led me to tear you from your soul.

 We were not supposed to fall to the spoils of temptations and sewn lips. Never should I have carved your heart from your breasts, as if meat for my hunger. Never should I have allowed such tears to flow from you. Never should I have wiped you off my heart like soiled tissue upon the sole of my shoe.

 I knew the damage I would cause, but like a lion to its prey, I cared not for the repercussions of the other.

 I felt no shame in the moment, for I had drowned my heart, my soul, in the spirits of man. Keeping all sense of purpose from of us, from ever seeing life. Maybe, we were never designed for the moon, nor the rising sun. You deserved a horizon of beauty, but I gave you a view of death, of the rancid damned.

 A view with mountains built of shame, of faithless pride. We shall never know that which was truly held for us. I led us to the desert and I dragged you through the flames of my artless love, to burn you from my existence.

 I held no candle for you in the darkened visage of my soul. I was blank in the space of time and felt no contempt for my actions. But in the shedding of my anger, my greed, my envy, and my gorged pride . I found you buried beneath it all.

 Suffocated from what could have been. And for this, I have no wish for you to forgive me. For I know the massacre I have dealt. I have blood upon my hands, and for this, I shall forever be a prisoner of my mind. I bled you, as if you were an infected wound.

 But never did I tend to you. Though I watched you cry in the corners my room. I laughed, with a drunken haze. I was prideful in what I saw, for so many crudely preyed upon me as I did to you. And in the sickness of my soul, I saw it as reprisal for all that was done to me.

 I know it is too late for the symphony of amnesty, but I pray, you have found peace in the bitterness I had brought. I pray, that no more, you are treated with displeasure. That all the stars are pulled down for you and love swells your heart.

 I pray, I am forever incinerated from your thoughts. That I shall never be even a sliver of a passing moment. For I am crucified by my actions and I know the lips to forgive, shall never be.
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