The Thoughts Of Me

The Thoughts Of Me

Do not fault me for the mistakes I burden.
Do not negate my word from the scars upon my soul.

There is much beneath this fiery shell that heats the skies like the sun. I am more than the battered dreams that collapsed upon my broken lips and traveling fears.

I am more than the narrowing paths that you wish to burn.
Bridges have fallen and I have conceived new connections.

Many before me have found solace in the broken and so have I.

I have abandoned the treasures of relationships that pervert my words and degrade my thoughts to save my ship.

For no ship can rescue if it sinks. And no soul can be salvaged with retched thoughts of pity.

I have found recovery in embracing the winds of my torment and the blistering reigns of pain.
These are but thoughts I have nourished and will continue to raise with each new breath, in each grain of passing sand.

Do you embrace your pain or leave it to the shallow whims of pity? 

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