The Taste of Love, Will It Ever Be Mine?

The Taste of Love, Will It Ever Be Mine? 

When will I find my lips upon the sweet taste of love? Lost to its scent like the aromal smell of roses upon skin. Will there be an end, beneath an apple tree buried next to my other half? Or will I drown in the soiled pity of my heart as whiskey stains my veins?

For I find the misery of myself to be a dull company, but yet its tingles with addiction. And I draw my eyes close to the empty halls of the damned. Screaming for peace but always find myself chocking on pride.

Lost in a dense fog I created in the heat of breath upon my frozen heart. Distant am I, in the reaches of tears. For they have no existence in the forefront of my mind, nor heart. Some may call me hollow, lackluster in the dreams of my own thoughts.

What is one without the acceptance of tears, without the bravery to step into the engagement of vows? How does one truly go beyond his own vicious habits if there lies no other to call them out?

I hear my soul whisper in excitement at the thought of love. But yet, it trembles with fear and frozen tears, like icicles they wait, patiently to drop. To fall free from their slumber. But fear, with its chilling and insatiable hunger to devour. I cling to the cold walls of my heart and toss the key to my soul.

Swallowing the last bits of my hope. And as I lose my will to step beyond the feeble attempts at love. All light fades like a gentle star behind a misted sky. And with no attempt, I watch, I watch with no resistance as fear stomps upon my reach. Shattering my faith for the chance to create what cannot be brought to life without another.

I snap like the strings of an old piano at the mere sight of love. Running with complacency for any tongue of comfort. Falling victim to my own thoughts that leave me dry and arid of any hope. And in the pain that wafts like sour fruits, I pinch my soul from the scent, wringing it of all beauty which it holds. Never to share its graceful design that one could surely adorn with woeful eyes.

Will there ever be a moment of bravery for I to be by your side?

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