Sacrificing A Kingdom, For an Island of Freedom

Sacrificing A Kingdom, For an Island of Freedom 

So, I am moving from my current place into a much different setting. I have lived in my current dwelling for almost five years. But now, my money, my time, my sanity, and my comfort are being wasted here. I feel stale and feel my soul being burdened with my reluctance for change.

My financial situation is on a bit of a crutch, but nothing that can't be fixed with a simple down grade from where I am. For, far too long have I been planting my hard earned money into place that brings more stress than pleasure.

The constant statements that exceed my pockets, well beyond what I truly believe should be paid for such living conditions. But, I cannot make improvements with disparaging comments upon my living space.

So, I have decided to move in with two of my finest friends. One whom works for company that pays him well. And he is stretched with comfort of financial well being. While, I am skirting the prerequisite for becoming a man of the streets.

And the other one, bears great responsibility for bringing health to others and himself. Always, does he wear a smile like a picture of moment never to be forgotten. And I, rising and falling in my smiles like the wind to the ever changing temperament of the weather.

But, moving in with them, shall bring these apparent disparaging out looks upon myself and bring them to their beheading. And relieve me of my stresses financially and relieve me of dancing with the weather.

Though, my current dwelling, is but a palace for any being living within my realm of finance. I must give up its comfort and move on. I have had the joy for two years of having my own washroom, office, bedding that eclipses my body, and the wonderful view that sits at the eyes of my deck.

All this, has been a great pleasure, and shall never be left to the ever present addiction of nostalgia. But it now has become a drain upon my well being on all matters. And for one, who wishes to exceed beyond the visions I have planted in my mind. I must sacrifice this kingdom and replace it with simplicity. 

With high hopes of change, improvement, and comfort of those I know well. With A place, where my pockets do not become a place of anxiety, but comfort. And like any greatness that one fights to bring to life. There comes great sacrifice, though it may hurt in the moment, it is merely a physical pain. That will be greatly be surpassed in the graces of strong effort, patience, and a humble heart of warrior.

When has it been difficult for you to give something up, even though you know you needed too? Let me know in the comments!

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