Love Had Passed In The Night

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Love Had Passed In The Night

We pass by in the night. No longer meeting with lips and composing songs or our souls. We had met in a despicable time, where my heart was dipped in the residue of animosity. And charred with the flames of suffering. I had dwelled for far too long in my own undoing. Drinking with selfish intent to drown my pain. 

But like an illness, one cannot be cured by standing in the cold. And that is what I did, I stood, frozen in the cold. Twisting words like wire, creating a framework of my own lies. And foolishly I died, I let my soul collapse under the weight of my pity. As I hung from a cliff with angered patience, to be saved by another, when the ground was beneath my feet. 

What a fool was I, playing tricks in my own mind. When seeing you, should have set me free, gave me hope in the darkest of nights. For your eyes captured perfection, your skin, smooth and golden like molasses. Your lips, sculpted upon your flesh with elegance. 

And your smile, oh your smile, it could lead the saddest soul to the joys of happiness. And though, I was a rough and drunk off spirits. I found you to be beyond my reckoning, for I deserved no such beauty, such perfection. 

I was a dismal soul sitting alone among frozen steps, curtailing any chance of light, of hope. 

But now, though I have lost you like breath, never to be again. I hold on to our moments like the last drops of water on earth. And I linger in our memories with sweet bitterness, but with no blame. 

For it was I, who could not steer me right. I was feeble in my confidence and blissfully ignorant in what I am capable of. 

But now, I stand untwisted from my corrupt veins, my filth ridden thoughts. And I consume only the goodness I have within. Smiling with patience and the strength to save myself. And the willingness to live and let time find me a beauty that will be divine, beyond what I know. 

Thank you for reading, has there ever been love you felt was beyond your deserving? 

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