A Dream of Love

A Dream of Love
(A story from my up and coming book)
The Bleeding Of Words 

Oh! Where must one go to hold love.
To keep it forever, never, having to set it free.

Where will my heart lead me, as I hold on to this misery? I can barely remember what it is like to feel. What it is like to find something beyond the pains of heartache. Beyond the walls, I have constructed. Nothing feels the same, nothing tastes the same. The world has become bland in all thoughts, views, and sounds. Note even the air holds any sustenance to my life. I feel bare and empty as any attempt to feel wisps over me. I feel as if the earth is nothing more than deserted endless hearts bleeding for more than their past. More than the pain that lingers behind their chest like an itch to the back of the throat.

I look at the sun in mid evenings eye, as it casts shadows as strangers walk by. The trees pose skeleton to the cold fall. My heart feels nothing but empty rage for what I cannot have, for what I cannot explain.

The lonely sun as it begins to rest I wish to follow it. To follow it to the ends of the earth. To find a new place to rest my heart. Maybe then, I will find happiness. Maybe then, I can breathe in air that sustains my every breath. But I know that is impossible. I know following the sun will do nothing. I know finding new strangers to stare among will not make me forget you. Nothing will make me forget you. Every waking moment I am lost in our memories. Lost in memories we will never have. Like a foolish child, I played fantasy upon our lives.

I dream't of late nights between you and me. Where we lay together beneath the stars as I share stories of my life in exchange for my heart to grow fonder of you. I dream't of us laughing, turning our smiles toward each other as we take trips to faraway lands. Trips, that would lead us to become something more than friends.

But the bitter truth is…. love has no plan to keep me and I have no plan to seek. 

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