What Lie Do You Hide?

A Lie

It hangs sprawled like the carcass of a cow. Gutted, open, silent and vile to an eye unexpected of such things. Nights become filled with terrors in the shadows. It burdeneds the sleep of a soul, its dark hollow eyes follow with a piercing gaze. A gaze that would leave any petrified in its wake.

Its cumbersome curdled body lay shouldered upon the soul, draped like loose skin. Its nostrils steadily cherishing the souls anxious aroma. Its lips sewed shut, for it has no voice but the one whom designed it. It lingers with gnawing intent to bring restlessness upon the mind, upon the soul. It never ceases to be, till light is shined upon it.

It grows with each passing day, excessive its weight becomes upon the soul. Its repugnant presence expands effortlessly. Slowly choking the genius of the soul. It slumbers in the hidden chambers of the mind. But its rustling against it chains keeps any moment of peace from any expression of the sane. It finds its dwelling in many place, but the soul be its beloved.

It rots the very essence of any heart, mind, and soul. It burrows deep till the lips of its creator speaks. Till its shameful existence is exposed. Exposed like a wound beneath armor. It knows not of unity, of serenity. Its teeth grin with excitement as what was once harmony and love. Becomes the collapsing of unity. And when unity is shattered like bone upon stone, its gut swells with greed to consume.

Finding hobby in the numb-less torturing of self. It erodes any form of pleasure for the soul, planting tension within. Bringing one to spoil from the inside out. Driving the mind mad with egotistic hostility.

Though its violent, noxious, and callous. It can be drained from the heart with a simple speaking of the tongue. It can be gone with vocal transparency of its existence. For hiding it beneath the residence of the soul. Only tears at the fabric of what is still salvageable.

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