We Have Forgotten Our Warriors

We Have Forgotten Our Warriors 

No longer do we praise the warrior like that in the days of the knight. No longer do we sit by our bedside and pray for the warrior as he dawns his armor for war. No longer do we weep in the destruction of man and the blood that spills upon sands. 

Too many preach of the warrior as if their existence is futile in the eyes of change. That bringing weapon against evil is no way to live. But they do not see the tyranny of evil, the cumbersome loses and poison they bring. 

Too many have not felt the heat of war, the anger of evil. 

Too many have not seen the vision of hell upon earth. The screaming, the dying, the forgotten. The innocent spent as mere pawns to keep a regime thriving like jungles beneath rain. 

Too many have not seen the tears of families, wives, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, upon the death their warrior. 

Few have felt the burden of the constant eye to stay alive. To wonder if the sun will rise tomorrow or the moon will cast light in the evening. 

Few have stood foot in the lands of evil. Embracing its ugly face, tasting its breath in the heated air. 

Few have ever raised up arms in battling those that stand to massacre not only us, but the world.
That stand to bleed every child and woman, every no believer over the coals of death. To push us to fear, to split our hope in two. 

Few see the deception of evil that grows in our lands. Evil is being embraced as if its morals are superior. 

Yet, many have the gulls to speak of what is right and how one must contribute to those that wish us death. 

This world has forgotten the meaning of its warriors and the sacrifice they must give. This world has forgotten the blood that separated us from death. The blood that separated us from tyranny and the sanction of freedom. 

Too many upon this earth have forgotten the history our world, of our lands, your lands. They forget by displacing false tongues upon history and lining their thoughts with emotion. Expressing what feels well in the moment. Not thinking of the strength we have grown upon this world. 

But following of false tongues they have been given with naive eyes.

They live far from embracing the morals we have learned to create upon the sacrifice of those willing to keep us safe. 

Too many have been spoiled upon these lands and giving an idle ideology of life. 

Too many have forgotten the warriors shoulders that bear the weight of our safety. 

Too many have forgotten the evil that slithers beneath the sands, the grass, the society that is us. 

Too many embrace words with ease long before any thought. They spit on their own lands like Satan upon his own. 

Forgetting the our warriors is forgetting our morals, our sacrifices, our strength, our beliefs in each other. Forgetting our warriors brings weakness to our lands, our people, our values. 

Without raising our warriors we will surely parish and parish it be to the dreams of those who spit upon our lands.

If we have truly forgotten our warriors, who will keep our history safe, who will keep our lands from shifting to the seas, who will protect our dreams, our children, our very existence, if not those willing to run toward the flooding gates of blood?


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