This Is Me Without Creativity

This Is Me Without Creativity 

This is but me without my creativity. My unwillingness to accept that not all days can be filled with perfect brevity. That some days come buried in the not so extraordinary. Where imagination is no longer merry, where my words seem to fall weary. Where I cannot seem to connect my soul to my brain. In a place that I have lost what was once perfect aim. Where words would connect without the a tongue that wishes to complain.

This is me without the ability to tame. The ability to connect words that may make one seem insane. But that is where I find words that never sound the same. Where words collide in whirls like tornadoes that are looking to claim.

I am not a writer for fame, but a writer to stay insane. To connect words that make me never wish to be plain. To never fall in the sewers of blame and become a dim candle in a forgotten home.

This is me without the perfect tone, without the perfection of my fingers laced in chrome. Where I conquer the pages that lay before my eyes like Rome. Where I foam with words that would never leave a single soul alone.

This I cannot make without shame upon my name. For this is nothing but something I wish to disclaim. To toss to the flames of my broken acclaim. Today I am but a broken writer, a blur of what I were.

For no dragons, ghosts, or love, finds amber upon these words. This I know will create no stir, but leave boredum upon walls like hunters antlers. I am no banker of words but I should never find a shortage to slur.

What am I without the rhyming of my heart and the ability to consume the soul with rigor creation of words?

This is me without my creativity, without my truthful ability. Leave me to the archer, split my armor and cast me to the open sea. Let be but a floating log taken by the waves with no vision of destiny. Sailing with no sails but praying for an anchor.

For I am nothing without the stories I tell in the spindling of my fingers upon keys.

For this is me, without my creativity.

Thank you for reading!

When has creativity left you abandoned? 

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