The World Has Fallen Today

The World Has Fallen Today 

The world fell apart this morning, the music that once played upon my heart has grown silent. The world is still, but I am moving. I watch with sympathy and tears as this world tears apart. I see flowers strangled by violent hands from merely having petals of different shades.

I see tongues twist from the hardest soils only to poison the innocent. I feel myself floating, lost in this chaos as I struggle to lend a hand. As I praise the goodness I see. As I spread kind words to those around me and stand against the corruption of heart. I praise the goodness with prayer, with love, with an open heart and a blade. A blade set to cut the rotted tongues from our soils.

I praise goodness as I watch the floods that sweep through villages like visible plague. But I see hands reaching deep into the illness, deep into the disease and pull free the weak. Though their hands may become ill and they may pass from this life to the next.

I watch in horror as evil speaks with black clothes and a hidden face. As young minds corrupt the word of mouth. As truth becomes distorted for ones own pleasurable rise. But I do not feel anger, but sorrow, grief, for these souls. For they have been swallowed by the devils lust. Fed with a feast of lies from which is served in the temptation of movement, of change. But what I see is hate, anger, and naive blindness. 

But I do not fear the out comes of these distorted souls, nor the out come of this world. For these ill brought tongues, need only a moment of truth. Though it may come with a blunt edge. Truth is no fool to corruption and the devils eye. For like the shifting of the earth. it will be felt by all. 

For no soul deserves the being of hate for the devil has already brought a brimming pale. And children have been sold the devils spoiled fruits at the hands of their own blood. 

I do not fear, for I know I place is at my suffering in front of me. And I burden each ounce of it with the desire to act well upon others and give more than I have. I am a man of poverty, of anxiety, and a broken heart. 

But I wish no ill acts upon any, for no hate breeds wealth, health, or kindness. I am but a soul who was no better off, than the tongues that poison. But I no longer breed gardens upon ill soils, soils of pity, soils of lies, soils of pompous rhetoric. 

I only act to plant seeds of new, seeds of plenty, seeds that grow from suffering but bloom with life. The world has fallen today, but I bring faith to the table, and I bring it for all. 

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