A Scientific Lie

A Scientific Lie 


We now live above the earth, above where we were once born. The government has forced our very existence to be separated from the flowers, from the soils of our planet. Only a special group, the SST's, Special Supply Teams, are allowed to go down to earth, beneath the clouds. They go to gather supplies for our now floating world. We float above the clouds in domes, in self weather generated cities and landscapes.

We know the weather before it ever arrives, no disasters come, no droughts, no struggle to keep things in order. As citizens though, we are not allowed to grow, nor plant our own seeds. We must purchase specialty seeds from local government owned shops. They say they are organic and naturally found from earth. But they grow unexpectedly fast. They say the plants grow in a steady fast pace due to the great weather conditions.

But still I find this to be odd. For my father’s tells me of a time when his dad lived on earth and the government wished for everyone to farm their own foods and grow them from scratch. To create self-sustainability. And how some seeds would take weeks, even months to grow fully mature. But now they wish us to follow stiff guidelines. I have never seen any animals that we used to eat, in person, for all our our meats are artificial. The government does not allow for the slaughter of animals of any kind. We are allowed to own pets though, like dogs, cats, and pigs.

I have seen plenty of animals on TV, but it would be great to see what they look like in person. And we are not allowed create our own channels on TV, like we used to before this, at least that's what I am told. That we used to have hundreds of channels, of privately made shows. Now all our shows are government owned and we are taxed on the service of TV. Whether we watch it or not, we must pay for it at the end of the year.

 I do wonder sometimes what animals might even taste like. But, if we were ever caught with actual animal meat, we would be sent to prison. These living conditions, though I am young, feel unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and almost wrong.

I have never even seen the surface of the earth from above the clouds. They say because of our once harsh treatment of the world. The clouds never vanish due to too much carbon or something in the air. I am not exactly sure because what we are taught about earth and what we did, never seems completely clear. Every time I am in school I feel like something is off, as if I am being told a tale.

And every time I ask for more detail, the teacher dodges my question with some strange illogical answer. Any time I turn in a paper that questions our newly designed life, which I might add is only forty years young. It comes back with no grade and I have to redo it. I am the only one that seems to question what is going on.

Even the air up here, my father says is stale and strangely resembles the air of a congested city. But me, being born into this I know not of what air truly feels like. Everything is artificial here. Or at least filtered from what it used to be. There is this eerie feeling of nothing, like everyone around me is a zombie.

One of my goals though, after finishing school is become an agent of the SST. So, I can explore and see the world below us. Sorry I am so scattered in this journal entry, but it’s my last week of school before I do actually graduate. I have so many thoughts rushing through my mind. Excitement fills my heart to the brim. It has become difficult to even sleep.

I have put in my application for the SST, which consists of two years in schooling and you must have great aptitude in science. And so far, I have gotten B+ and above on all my science projects and assignments.

But a few I had to redo, because they said they went against the school’s codes of research. Whatever that really means, I do not know. But any ways, I have to go. I'll be back at the end of the week to let you know how graduation goes and if I get accepted to SST program.


I do not have much time to explain, I was not excepted to the SST group. I was denied and almost locked up in jail. But I escape from The Peoples Order Services before they had a chance. Otherwise known as what used to be the police.

 For after my denial to the SST, I wrote a letter asking why. After not getting a response, I decided to do some digging. I have been on the run for a little over a year after my escape, for I have found much information. Information that our living conditions ore a lie. That the earth below us is and always was safe.

The SST is just a cover up, they are a team that reports to those that live on earth, which is the government. And all those who allied with them. We are the only country that lives above the clouds. We were told the world was wiped out upon a massive natural disaster and disease, that could have been stopped or at least slowed down. But, I have seen earth, I had snuck my way onto a cargo ship the SST was using.

Once we landed I followed the team. The moment the bay doors open from the ship. They removed their protective gear and outside the bay-doors, is earth. Filled with beautiful greens and land that looks almost endless. I then snuck onto their vehicle, following them we arrived at a massive city alongside an ocean, a real ocean. Great beaches lined the ocean with golden sands and warm air. Their air smelled of sea, but not like the sea air we have. This air is fresh, uplifting and fills your lungs without a strange tingle.  

I do not have much time to finish this, it won’t be long till they find my signal in the back of their vehicle. But it is all a lie, there are still cities and thousands of people living here. I must toss out my PCText device and hope to find another way to communicate.

Wish me luck.....

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