A Love Gone, A Heart Taken

A Love Gone, A Heart Taken

She feels as if she is alone in everything. As if her heart is but a lonely pearl at the bottom of the sea. Beneath the sands in the deepest of oceans. Darkness fills a void in her chest, shadowy creatures plunge deep into her soul and scatter like roaches. Finding any crevice to hide within. Only to be scene in the shadows by their thimble sized eyes in the reflection of the moonlight.

As her eyes are still to the motion of the world. Alone she sits, as music plays delicately between the silence of her slow beating heart. A heart that beats in sadness, hollow drums march in sluggish rhythm. She finds the world to have taken what she once was. But now, a foolish fool she feels as her eyes set upon a pale ring wrapped around her finger.

Betrayal of the highest has crushed her existence, blinding her of her once sweet smile. And as she sits with a heavy heart as thunder breaks the sky and rain washes the earth. She thinks to herself,

"How could I not have known that behind the pleasant curtains of my love, was a dark play. A sinister play performed in the shadows. In the beautiful gardens of my heart during the slumber of the sun?"

Upon thinking in the betrayal of her garden, a sudden knock strikes at the entrance of her home. Her eyes shallow in tears turn toward the noise. Immediately a sickened feel convulses in her gut. Her tongue tingles with disgust, her reflection mirrors behind in the rain that pours upon her window. Her skin pale, her eyes darkened, her body fills in anger, in pain.

She fears the calling of the knock. But slowly rises from her bed and peers through the window with discreet intent. Her body suddenly feels as if it is boiling, boiling with rage, frothing with regretful hurt. And from the peering of the window, lighting strikes her idle home. 

Casting a spark of light, creating strange shadows to form about a figure whom stands at the seat of her home. And her heart sees this figure and is compelled in bitterness. 

The figure bobs back and forth and paces like an addict for drugs. Though the figure stands hidden in the shadows of the night and the cover of the rain. She knows who the silhouette that occupies her eyes. Upon the flash of the lighting it was clear who it is. Upon the sight of such a silhouette, her skin crawls as if to be alive. The scurrying of insects fills her mind. 

Nausea grips her gut, she falls to her knees and tears can no longer be held back. Her heart races in fear of him. In the emptiness he has brought her. Broken, shattered, ripped, siphoned, extorted, her soul feels. She can bring not even a single word to slip from her lips. Only tears and the noxious feeling that coats her heart like spit.

Again, he knocks, but this time calls out her name in retribution. But she sits bounded by the aching in herself and does not reply. He calls out her name again, she covers her ears, whispering for him to leave. Her heart becomes numb, but her body rages in suffering, she feels as if to be an ash drifting to airs whim, fading to coolness of its kiss.

Again, he knocks and cries out her name. But she remains still to her fear of anguish of her world. Her garden has been tainted and her red roses turn in shades of black and grey. Petals fall with no effort to be caught.

Suddenly the door sounds as if to be forced open. The sound of breaking wood crashes from the entrance of her home. She becomes startled and tenses her body, her hands upon her ears. He sounds to be inside.

He calls her name out, over and over with loud anxious tones. Footsteps start to rush throughout the house. She feels him scouring the home like a worried mother. Suddenly the steps draw in a hurry and become ever so present within the home. She hears him make way down the hall to her, calling out her name. His foots steps heavy and rushed, they gnaw at the silence of her home.

Tears pour from her like rain as her body feels to be closing off the from the world. Suffocating from any feelings of life. She feels to be drifting off into the stars. Her skin becoming pale as milk, fear dilates her soul. The once rushing water within her, becomes arid lands and open canyons of dust.

She hears the rattling of her door, he attempts to open but the door is locked. A swift kick and he bursts into the room. His eyes wide in worry, he sees her, alone, still, motionless to the moment. He rushes to her with open arms and feels her cold pale skin.

He holds her to his chest looking down upon her with sorrow, with remorse as he tries to console the moment in redemption. But nothing can be changed, for actions have been executed and decisions have been consummated. And as he holds her deeply in his arms. She watches from the window with emptiness, misery, and a broken heart. A heart that will never be again. A heart that will never have another chance to feel the flowing wind of love.

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