Writer's Block Will End Me

-Life Block-

I do not know where to go
where to take my thoughts my flow 
A barren river has a deeper soul  
I have dream't but cannot see 

like ghosts in day light my words are unseen 
my fingers steady but my heart quakes 
I don't know if I'll ever be awake
my mind teeters on the swirling of a loose feather 
I search with great intent among the coldest weather
but every forest every path, 
I come up empty handed, is this the devils wrath
The dripping of words is usually my move 
But the morning light has me a skewed

My empty pockets without wage 
ravages my thoughts like demons unholy rampage 
I have no other no spark 
My muse I have torn apart
What am I but just a man 
I am nothing special nothing grand 
For true words would never be lost 
I am ill to my thoughts, exhaust 
Finding distraction and reason to sleep 
But nightmares quill me deep
I skirt the stresses of permanent coma 
and worry of alley ways to be my Jonah.

What things have kept you from your goals? 

Thank you for reading! 

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