Love Has Left

I cant be without you, I have found myself lost in thought. Lost in the missing of you, in agony of never hearing your voice.

Remember those mornings we would wake, you would smile and I would smile back? We would exchange a kiss as if it was our last. Everything, felt as if it was in place. The world became an adventure, talking brought us excitement. We found joy in the smallest things. Like laying by the fire beneath blankets and talking about our past. Learning about all the stupid quirks we had as we end up falling asleep. We had so much together.

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But now, now I am broken, shattered by the thought of never holding your hand while we walk beneath the moon. I cry, never being able to sing to you, though my voice is terrible. I will never see the sparkle in your eyes just before you laugh, before we kiss. There was magic between us, something that could never be explained. You were music to my ears and paradise to my eyes. You were the rhythm of my heart. The symphony to my soul.

Your beautiful skin had me mesmerized by its artistry. Its light brown tone sat upon you like silked caramel. Your eyes, like smooth oceans in the morning sun. Your smile, gave me comfort, it was my light to finding shore when I was lost. Your hair, dark, long, and elegant like the finest threads the world had to offer.

 Everything about you lit up my world and set fire to my heart. But I will never feel your skin against my again. I will never taste the beauty of your lips, the passion behind your flesh. I will never hear your voice comfort me as I fall asleep. I will feel nothing from you anymore, but loss. I will feel nothing but fading memories, fading kisses, dances, laughter, smiles, and magic.

And as I stare into a picture of you and me, I smile, but I smile with denial that we are no longer. I smile with anger, love, and grief. I smile, in missing you. What brought us together, I wish to thank. But what took us apart, I wish to strike from existence. 

I only hear sad music as I dream of your warmth holding me. I only hear sadness whisper as I walk alone along the streets beneath the moon. Tears are my forever and sorrow my love.

But do not leave my thoughts, for if you go, if your ghost is to leave me, to never haunt me. I will not know where to go. For in the missing of you, I may find suffering, but I also find comfort, I find a place to stay. I find familiarity in our memories, though misery follows them all. Please stay within my broken heart. Till I cease to be.

We had it all, the late nights, the arguments that ended in a kiss. The tough times, the smooth times, and the wild times. We had passion that put the stars to shame and blushed the moon. You were my queen, my princess, my love. We were free together, ruling our hearts as one and conquering our dreams together. You never left me without, " I Love You." 

You gave me something I will never have again. You amplified my happiness, reaching the darkness of the universe that spreads beyond the stars. You were my sun during the storms. Our souls collided, exploded with intensity, with devotion, loyalty, love, faith, and hope.

I remember the nights you would lay your head upon my chest and try to count the beats of my heart, only to fall asleep. Leaving me enthralled in your beauty. I swear, every time looked at you, I saw something new. You excited me with every passing second, not a day goes by you do not cross my mind. 

I loved, still love everything about you, I love you. Though you may be gone and I may be broken in a prison of heartache. You will always be in my heart. I will never let you go, I wish you to haunt my heart till I no longer have breath. I wish this was not the end, but it is. I cherished every day we had, every second, every minute. But now, I despise every second, every minute without you. It is not your fault nor mine, life is cruel and time has no schedule. I will miss you forever my sweet dreamer. May you find love among the stars and a heart to love you as I. 

Good bye and may we meet again. 


Your Love

(Love can be painful, especially upon losing someone you love. Whether it be from death or a break up. But either way, do not give up on love. 

Do you believe love is more than something physical?

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