A Simple Day A Simple Waste

Rush, rush, rush, hurry, hurry, hurry.

Our daily lives, so much in such short time. Jobs, errands, bills, relationships, assignment, due dates, dead deadlines.

All this piles up and you're sweating from the stress. Everything feels like it will all come crumbling in. Your chest is suffocated with anxiety, your throat dry from the lack of hydration. Too busy to even notice you haven't ate all day.

And for what?

What is there to gain when busy is all you are and passion is lost? Imagination drain and action is used up on someone or something else.

The eyes of a passerby and you think, "I bet they are having a better time than me."

Its seems like when you catch up on one thing, its the next, exhausted by end day and you let that little voice. That tiny voice that tells you to relax, you listen to it. You relax, only to start everything all over again tomorrow.

What is left when you have gave every hour to someone else, to something else?

You think about what could be or could have been. You drown in the past and drink in the present. Living for the the few hours during the day after you try to get everything done, only to fall asleep. Nothing is ever truly finished, but death can come early.

Wasting away at the details of a task you care little about. To end up hearing someone else had a bad day or having to put your relationship on hold. Because if you don't, if you don't finish that task that needs to be done for the boss by tomorrow, you're fired.

So there fades your relationship, your love, your dreams. All down the drain because someone or something else became your priority.

What is left when everything is busy?

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