A Fathers Piano

A Fathers Piano  

 I can hear the quiet tones of my father. His eyes fixed to ivory as we sat around listening. I can feel the warm glow that once emanated with each key. Gently wiping the air with a silk tune of beauty. Thickening like cream upon a cup of early morning coffee. I can feel my fathers heart beat at pace with the echoing of each key.

 But now, now I am the father. The provider the protector of my children. They sit now, surrounding me as I allow my fingers, my soul, to press into the strings of this old grand piano. Its glazed skin of black, its pearl teeth dancing at my fingertips.

 I can feel my father beside me playing as my children watch. I can feel his spirit ascend from each striking note. Side by-side our hearts radiate in the silence of the notes. My spine swaying left to right as did his. Following the flow with eyes closed and a heart growing old.

 I can feel it all, see it all, the cold winters spent by the piano, as we savored the aroma of cocoa heated upon the flames of our fireplace. I can see the smile of my mother as she stood behind my father, hands upon his shoulders, loving, singing.

 Now, my wife stands behind me, hands upon my shoulders, loving, signing. As my children savor the aromas of cocoa. I can feel it all, the memories that fall from the tears of my heart as I listen to the cries of the piano.

 Icicles of thoughts melt as new memories form. Quiet nights with the family by the warming embraces of fire are now mine to cherish. To hold dearly as I from note after note, loving my family from close.

 As we give our hearts to the moment. Making memories that will last and songs that will carry beyond our graves. I am now the pianist of my father and his father before him. I am now the designer of my music, of my heart. I am now what shall pave, the coming notes of this piano.

 I carry the wonderful burden of music that now brings tranquility to the uneasy days of my family. We are now, a new generation to bring these young hearts to life.
What memories do you have of your family or friends that have had an impact on your life?

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